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On the Road to Better Health

Allyson’s weight loss journey continues!

by Nancy Roy

When Allyson first came to me for help with losing weight and getting fit, I was impressed with her determination and knew that she could accomplish any goal she set!  We began working together in the comfort of her home living room at a slow pace since she hadn’t exercised in a long time. I knew she needed to incorporate regular cardio workouts since she was hoping to eventually drop 20 pounds or more. She began a strength training and stepping program a couple days a week with me and was also diligent about adding ‘homework’ assignments on those days she wasn’t working out with her trainer.

Getting outside more, even to walk the dog everyday, is a huge part of getting fit. There are so many physical activities people can easily work into their day, such as taking the stairs, dancing, walking more, and so on.

After working with Allyson during phase one of her new fitness plan, in 8 weeks, she has lost over 5 inches of body fat and lost over 4 pounds, despite gaining some new-found muscle! Her overall body fat count dropped from 39.1 down to 36.2. I was really impressed and Allyson was excited at her results, which only motivated her even more to continue her journey!

She is headed in the right direction. Taking weight off slowly and safely (1/2 pound-2 pounds a week is ideal) so she’ll be more likely to keep it off.

And the best thing about her results is that she accomplished them with just two one-hour sessions with me each week, right in her own home! How easy is that to get started?!

Her workouts now consist of 20-30 minutes of cardio (depending on how intense the strength training workout is for achieving toned muscles and a strong core). We now do various forms of step aerobics (low impact/high intensity) such as jumping jacks, mountain climber, burpees, etc. As time progressed, Allyson was able to handle longer cardio work-outs due to her increased endurance and stronger heart.

Now, during phase 2 we have pumped up the weights! During this time it’s important to stay away from the scale because muscle weighs more than fat…so even if she may gain a few pounds in muscle she will be increasing her metabolism to burn fat longer, which will eventually show up in losing inches and seeing her clothes get looser!

Did you know that 45 minutes of cardio burns fat for 8 hours just sitting in a chair? Adding weights to that workout and the time increases to 12 hours! This will achieve muscle definition and a flatter core (visible in one’s abs). Allyson is also doing sit-ups, crunches  and planks during this phase of her fitness journey.

Next phase will be focused more on increasing balance and flexibility along with longer cardio workouts and heavier weights for toning.

“It’s been wonderful!” smiles Allyson, “I already feel better and my clothes are looser. I can walk my dog longer and also think about what I eat everyday to maintain and continue to lose some weight!”

The key that a fitness program is working is when you are physically and emotionally ‘feeling better’ and Allyson certainly lives up to the challenge!

Find out how Allison is doing on her fitness journey and what she looks like after phase two of her workout program in the next issue of West Hartford Magazine and perhaps you’ll start moving more and join Allyson on her quest to get fit!

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